Do you ever rehearse that speech in your mind? The one where you say all the things you've always wanted to say to that one person who hurt you so? Maybe it's not a person in particular but a group or an ideology that gets under your skin. Perhaps it's just a person or thing that annoys you slightly. Well here's your place to post that hate mail for all the world to see. More...
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12:46 a.m.
grow the fuck up




do i look fucking amused? do i look like i give a good god damn? i gave you my fucking cell phone so i could get ahold of you &here it is...three hours after when you said you'd be here &i'm still alone &you're still not &i'm fucking going crazy &i just want to make you bleed right now i'm so fucking pissed off. you say you want to be a fucking family; why the fuck are you putting friends first? you have adaughter here with me &she doesn't need to see mommy screaming at the top of her lungs, slamming the house phone down on the reciever over&over&over &mumbling about how you never fucking grow up.

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